Ravenscroft Expeditionary (RAVEX) Looking for new friend-ships to come fly with us!

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Ravenscroft Expeditionary (RAVEX) Looking for new friend-ships to come fly with us!

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Ravenscroft Expeditionary is looking for players, old or new, in any timezone. We are a community of like-minded people who appreciate both the PVE and PVP sides of the game and enjoy the game as a sandbox. We are looking for players who are interested in living and working with a relaxed group and helping us grow. EvE is a game. RL always comes first. At present, we offer opportunities for PvE, Small and Large Scale PvP, and Mining. If you are on, we expect you to be active within the pocket but have no forced time commitments. ( IE: if your online and someone is roaming our pocket and we call a form up to go fight them, don't just AFK in station, ship up, and let's go brawl!)

We are also looking for people interesting in becoming officers and FC's! If you are looking to help us grow our community and are interested in working your way up to a management role within the corporation, we are looking for new and veteran fleet commanders who are interested in helping out with running content or someone with lots of charisma and likes talking with people, and we are also looking for recruiters with a good HR personality interested in helping us grow!

We are a member of an Alliance called League 0f Grumpy 0ld Farts (L0G0F), a Sov holding alliance in Scalding Pass, with access to R64 and R32 moons. We are looking for members interested in being part of something young, fresh, and new, and helping us grow into a tight-knit community of capsuleers, living and flying in the far-flung reaches of New Eden.

Our requirements:

- Above 4,000,000 Skill Points SP

- Access to Discord and Teamspeak 3, a working microphone, and a willingness to be on Comms.

- Ability to check discord, regularly, for pings and updates

- A desire to PvP from time to time

- Willingness to use (or train into) a few doctrine ships for alliance ops

- An basic ESI check

- Setting up sEAT for allied comms and our forums

- Join home defense CTA and Strat Ops

What we provide:

- Affordable Jump Freighter service to home station

- A chill laid-back environment to grow and improve at the game in

- Corporate and Alliance facilities for cloning/industry/trade/research

- Corporation buy system in our pocket for Ore, PI, Ice, and Salvage

- Expanding sov in our constellation with growing upgrades, to improve your access to isk making options.

- Alliance Ship Replacement Program (SRP) for ships lost during sanctioned PVP activities.

- Access to Alliance R64 and R32 moons, As well as our own corporations R32 moon.

- Veteran players with a desire to help new or returning players learn more about the game

- Access to Alliance Discord

- Any questions answered.

If interested, join "Rav3n's D3n" in-game, eve-mail Raiin Farseeker, or join our corps Discord and talk to Raiin Farseeker. (Discord is checked almost hourly, just throw me a ping!)

Alliance PSA for Corporations looking for a home!:

The League 0f Grumpy 0ld Farts is a multi-time zone alliance holding sovereignty in the Scalding Pass region. We are expanding throughout our new constellation and are looking to increase our corp membership to join in on building our little pocket of Null Sec.

If you are interested, join our alliance public channel “L0G0F Lobby” (the 0’s in L0G0F are zeros) and speak to a recruiter. If one is not available then drop an in-game mail to Doctor Chuckles and we will be in touch.

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