Thunder Clap Industry is Recruiting

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Thunder Clap Industry is Recruiting

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After a brief period of isolation Thunder Clap Industry is opening its doors to new members (and returning old members) again.

We are a primarily Null sec corp living in Scalding Pass, founding members of the League 0f Grumpy 0ld Farts Alliance, we do anything from PVP, PVE, mining and Indy.

We don’t have a lot of expectations; you do need to be self-sufficient plus:
At least interested in PVP (would like to see involvement in at least one fleet per month) (CTA's are of course mandatory)
Willing to train or get into doctrine ships
Present on voice comms (Discord) whenever you can (we believe in the social aspect of eve)
You need to move to our home

We offer:
RL Focus and relaxed play style
Small fleet PVP
Some capital action occasionally
Good systems with sites and anomalies
Access to alliance services like research / invention / reactions
An active alliance with active comms
Alliance SRP for official fleets
We are happy to take on members from all time zones, however we are predominantly UK/EU/US timezone focused. The alliance has members across all time zones so if you are not UK/EU/US you will not be the lonely guy/girl in the corner…

Join our public channel ‘(FREGY) Recruitment’ to speak to a recruiter.

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